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Hitorii Bouldering Pant /// Black /// Solo Growth x Waves

Hitorii Bouldering Pant /// Black /// Solo Growth x Waves

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Qi is 5'-8", 140 lbs, and wears a size 01.

Nick is 5'-10", 135 lbs, and wears a size 02 but can comfortably fit a size 01.



Most traditional outdoor pants have a slim/straight fit that don't cater to the needs of climbers. We designed the Hitorii Bouldering Pant to have a loose, flowy fit so you can move freely when climbing.

Specifically, the fit is tailored to be large around the hips and have a relatively long rise for minimal tugging around the crotch. For the fabric, instead of using thick, heavy and rigid materials such as reinforced cotton or nylon, we opted to use a light, yet abrasion resistant, Terylene fabric to balance comfort, style, and performance.

The Hitorii Bouldering Pant also features adjustable waist and ankle cuffs through an elastic band and rubber stop mechanism, placed on the inside of the pant to stay hidden.


The Hitorii Pant is made with 94% Terylene, 6% Elastine. 9.3 oz (315 gsm). Lightweight. Loose, Flowy Fit. Drawstrings for adjustments.


  • 94% Terylene
  • 6% Elastine


Care information

  • Machine wash cold with like colors; do not bleach
  • Hang dry indoors/in the shade for best care
  • Machine dry low/medium heat is okay

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stefan Peterson
Most comfortable climbing pants I own

These are extraordinarily comfortable to climb in, and even just to wear around. Perhaps one of the most comfortable pairs of pants I own. Allows for maximum mobility and the material also seems tough. Absolutely killer pair of pants.

Alexander Khoo
Great pants

One of my fav climbing pants. They are perfectly weighted while being breathable, perfect for some Aussies Summer Bouldering. Love the tiny details; those make these pants perfect. Worth the wait. Big love from Canberra

Big fan

I usually wear leggings or shorts to climb but really enjoy wearing these pants! They're very comfortable, breathable, and flowy, and I didn't feel like they obstructed my visibility or movement at all. Plus they look great- I wore them to the climbing gym and then to a concert right after. The reflective design looks white in some pictures but catches light/flash in the dark.

I've been tying a knot in the waistband elastic to secure it and can leave the knot there since the pants can just be unbuttoned when changing clothes, but it'd be great if there was an easier fastener to tighten the waist/legs.

I find the pockets plenty spacious but would love if there were 1-2 pockets with a button or zipper closure to keep things secure while moving around.

I got size 00 and am 5'4. The pants stop right around my ankle which is perfect.

no regrets!

These pants are an absolute GOD-SEND!! Imagine owning the most flowy, perfectly contouring, light yet sturdy pants ever...and then snap out of that delusion because Hitorii made that dream a reality XD These pants are kind of wind-resistant too which makes for the perfect outdoor climbing pant or a "sweatpant"-like jogger situation for off days (if those even exist).

I will say though, size up if you run in between sizes because you're able to snatch the waistband while keeping the straight-pant-balloon-bottom contour. It'll just sag a little bit if you keep your phone in your pocket but pay that no mind because these pants are worth it!!

coolest pants!

i love these pants— i’ve been wearing them for the past two weeks in taiwan just out and about and have really enjoyed climbing in them as well. fabric is super flowy and scratch/rip resistant (i’ve straight up just had a dog jump on me and scratch at my pants for cumulatively ~20min on this trip). i ended up sizing down for the waist and just cause i wanted them to be a little bit shorter so that they wouldn’t get in the way of my feet while climbing. the only reason i have given them 4 stars as opposed to 5 is because the elastic on the ankle has not held up and is already fraying/about to come apart. a little bit bummed because i’m a little worried it’ll also happen to the elastic on the waist, which i do actually use.

Hi Anne!

Thank you for your in-depth review! We became aware of some elastic band defects in this first batch after shipping them out and have made efforts to fix them in future drops. Please reach out to us via email if anything happens to you that affects your experience with the pants. We will make sure to address it.

P.S. we tie a knot at the desired waist length to avoid needing to readjust the band. We are also working on a better solution for the waist band mechanism.

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