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Hitorii Trash Tee 2.0 /// Black x Blue /// Boxy Cut /// Crashpad Mao

Hitorii Trash Tee 2.0 /// Black x Blue /// Boxy Cut /// Crashpad Mao

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The Hitorii Trash Tee is Boxy, about an inch shorter than typical shirts, so expect a wide relaxed fit (for reference, male at 5'10" wears a Medium; female at 5'8" wears a Small).


Finally, a tee tailor-made for the climber who hates beta spraying, poor technique, and campus bros, but also knows that their own climbing is trash too... 


The Hitorii Trash tee is made from 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton (get it?), that is durable at 6.5 oz and built to soften with use. Our Crashpad Mao 2.0 design uses high-quality Puff Ink and is printed in Los Angeles


Our manufacturer uses an ethical supply chain entirely within North America, and has refined a process that uses 5.5 fewer gallons of water, 80% less fabric cutting waste, 10% less sewing labor and less energy consumption.


  • 100% North American Reclaimed Waste Cotton
  • Midweight - 6.5 oz
  • Biodegradable


  • Each garment is Shrink-to-fit contains a unique blend of cotton recycled fibers and may react differently to wash/dry. Please allow up to 1" variance on your After Wash measurements.

Hitorii Trash Tee Short/Crop Cut Sizing

Care information

  • Machine wash cold with like colors; do not bleach
  • Tumble dry medium, inside out
  • To reduce energy use, hang dry in the shade instead of tumble drying
  • Avoid leaving in the sun as the textile dye is sensitive to UV light

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pretty cool but shipping is expensive

Hi I‘m Michael

I have to say that your products are great, but I my opinion the shipping coasts are quite high. I live in Austria 🇦🇹 and I have to pay your shipping fee and when the package arrives to Austria I have to pay a third party fee (about 15 €). But all in all your products are great.
Love Michael

Eli Kariv
Love it!!

Maybe my new favorite climbing shirt. The boxy cut makes it feel very light and flowy during my climbing.


Amazing fit and quality will definitely buy more from this brand :)

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