Hitorii Walnut Brush - High Density/Narrow

Hitorii Walnut Brush - High Density/Narrow

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We tested various types, lengths, widths, and density of bristles to make the perfect brush that is guaranteed to make you send v17. 

Maximizes chalk removal while protecting the texture of the rock with boar hair bristles. Designed with a solid lacquered walnut body, ergonomic curved handle, and lasered "Flow" design for a unique aesthetic.


19.71 is an homage to the removal of the gold standard. Since we can no longer afford homes, might as well have nice climbing brushes and gear. 



  • 100% Walnut


  • 7" Length
  • 7/16" Bristle Width

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Customer Reviews

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Max Takano
Best brush I've owned

Are you looking to upgrade your brush game? This is the one.

- High density mid stiffness bristles which when used correctly (gentle but vigorous brushing) clean holds much better than your run of the mill stock brush.
- Perfect brush head shape, able to clean most small holds/slots with this size without sacrificing too much brush size.
- Perfect handle size, super ergonomic feel in the hand but also slots nicely into my chalk bucket's brush holder without having to jam it in.
- Appearance: you can see how cool it looks yourself from the pictures.

Will be sad when someone nicks this one or I lose it!

So good you'd wish you can brush your teeth

I never purchased a brush and when Hitorii announced they were going to drop some I knew it was time. Outstanding craftsmanship, reasonably priced, ergonomic. What more could you want? PS, went climbing outdoors for the first time and this allowed me to send that hard VB.

Gevin La’Roni
The Missing Link

Think about it like this, you’ve probably been spending hours dialing in this beta for your project but you keep falling off because some Gumby is dunking his hands in his loose chalk and caking up that 20mm crip that you’re flying off of no matter how strong you are. What you need is a high quality brush that’s gonna clean the hold and give you that micro beta you’ve been missing. Stop wasting your time buying that dinky tooth brush from your local REI that’s tickling the chalk and treat yourself to some real send material. $20 might seem like a lot but if I told you that you could send your project if you didn’t buy that chiptole bowl with chips and gauc you wouldn’t even question me. So do yourself a favor and buy this brush and a family pack of chicken, make some stir fry for the week and become that crusher you’ve always dreamed of being.

Edmund Yin

Hitorii Walnut Brush - High Density/Narrow


Love Hitorii as a climbing brand!!

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