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Merino Wool Fisherman Beanie /// Crashpad Mao /// Vintage Black

Merino Wool Fisherman Beanie /// Crashpad Mao /// Vintage Black

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NOTE: This is a Fisherman Beanie (shorter length than typical beanies)

Hand Wash and Hang Dry


There is a time and place for blended fabrics, but based on our research for beanies, pure Merino Wool (not Wool) out performs acrylic, polyester, and cotton in terms of warmth, breathability, smell resistance, moisture wicking, shape retention, pill-resistance, and durability.

The only drawback is cost. That’s why it’s common to see beanies composed of 50-100% synthetic fabrics.

After sampling an array of materials, we decided to stick to 100% Merino Wool (2/28NM Extra Fine Merino), cut our margins, and price our beanie in the same price range as some of the most popular mixed material beanies because we want to make things that we want to wear ourselves.


100% Extra Fine Merino Wool (RWS certified) - 2/28 NM


  • 100% Merino Wool (RWS Certified)



  • 6" height
  • 8.75" width


  • 8" height
  • 8.75" width

Care information

  • Hand Wash Only
  • Air Dry Only
  • DO NOT Clean In Machines

Customer Reviews

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Justin Greenidge
Low-key aid

Went straight from V3 to V14 because of this beanie. Unfortunately, it did not survive the washing machine massacre and is now so small It won't even fit on a mouse. Do not gaslight the beanie into making it think it'll be okay going through the washer. It's very sensitive to water. I am now very sad that Mao will no longer be going with me on my grand adventures. But I absolutely recommend this beanie. Just, don't be a baboon and wash it :(

Hi Justin, we're so sorry to hear that your beanie shrunk so much. We tested our own beanies in a low heat wash and dry cycle, so we did not think there would be issues if anyone did use machines. The merino wool is best hand washed and air dried, however.

Thanks for the kind review! We will reach out to you via email to make this right.

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